Customer Testimonials

We're honored to receive such high marks from our customers.
Keeping them happy is our pledge.

"I moved my FILExt site to Dewahost in late 2001 when FILExt started to outgrow another provider's capabilities. I've been a pleased customer since. As my site grew in popularity Dewahost was always able to offer me the necessary expanded services to productively host the site. And all at great prices."
- Tom Simondi,

"Just wanted to say that I have had many problems in the past with OTHER providers (speed, support, price, etc). Since I switched to Dewahost, no problems. And the tech support was a tremendous help with getting my web site contact page working correctly."
- Shane Meredith,

"We moved our site to Dewahost in 2005. This has been one of the best decisions we have made. There are virtually no downtimes at all, their customer support is among the best I've experienced from any company, and the speed of our site is as stable as it gets. Having experienced nearly a dozen other hosting services before coming to Dewahost, after we made the switch, it has never occurred to us to even look for alternatives anymore."
- Vidar Kristiansen, Kristanix Games

"My files were hosted on a place that was much cheaper (per GB) than Dewahost, Tera-Byte. However, their service was awful, there was a lot of downtime and it sometimes was very slow (10 KBYTES/S). Compare that to Dewahost where two friends downloaded one of my files from two separate T-1 at the same time and both got their connection's speed limit!"
- Luiz Marques,

"For the record, I've used, over the years, 6 different hosting services. Dewahost is the best (and fastest) by far. Incredible support, great price, blindingly fast, and great features!"
- Dave Trump,

"A lot of companies promise "Business Class Web Hosting". Based on our experience, Dewahost **IS** Business Class Web Hosting! Much more than just a lot of sales hype - these folks are the real thing. The Internet and the websites that we maintain for ourselves and our customers are the life blood of our company. Up time is mission critical to us and rapid response time to a problem or inquiry is a "must have" for us. Using Dewahost gives us the confidence to grow our business doing what WE do best - without needing to worry about what THEY do best."
- Charles Edmonds,

"Dewahost has always been reliable, fast, supportive, and a big help to our growth."
- Karen Carr,

"Dewahost has always been extremely good to me. I'm a bit *particular* with my server configuration issue. I've made quite a few special requests, and Dewahost has always been quick to respond and happy to accomodate me."
- Ron Frazier,

"I moved my site to Dewahost to get more features and a better price for hosting services. The transition went much more smoothly that I could have hoped. The customer support both before and after the sale has been top-notch. I can recommend Dewahost without reservation."
- Steve Goings,

"We've been hosting several web sites with Dewahost since 2002 and are very pleased with the performance of their web servers and the speed and quality of their technical support. When we had a need to contact Dewahost support, we always received a response very fast and just to the point. I wish we could fix problems with our software that fast [g]. Keep up the good work!"
- Andrei Belogortseff,

"Dewahost hosting is probably the best spent money for my business."
- Severino Delaurenti,

"Service, support, communication and performance are all bywords for Dewahost. Coupled with a level of professionalism and courtesy rarely found these days makes Dewahost the number one choice in my opinion. You might find cheaper, but with Dewahost, 'you get what you pay for' and more in buckets. Simply put, they're simply the best."
- Gordon Whittam,

"After months of experiencing unreliable hosting at various companies, Dewahost has been a valuable asset in our arsenal to assure our customers can reach us. Reliable technical support that is solid, professional, and responsive anytime we have had the occassion to converse with them. I must say that hosting with Dewahost has been a wise investment!"
- Glenn Jarvis,

"We choose you first because of your speed from Europe and North America, and of course because we had a good offer from you for our specific case."
- Mathias

"I have only been a customer of yours for a short time but support always promptly answered my emils. I went with Dewahost because you were recommended to me and I am very satisfied with the service so far."
- Brian Azzopardi

"Dewahost is simply the best hoster I've ever tried, and I tried a lot. It has all that you need. Very good control panel, three (!) different log-analyzers, affordable prices, very quick and competent customer support, and so on, and so on. It is really fast and reliable, and the guys are a bit proud of it (did you see lots of hosters, giving you the speed test download link on the title page of their site? :) They also have a file hosting service of the same quality.

What is most important to me is its up-time. It seems a common problem of all shared hostings to have frequent long down-times. Dewahost is exception. Down-times are short, always for the maintenance only (to make your hosting even better), and you are always notified _before_ it occurs.

It also gives you flexibility to host several projects on one account (as I do) and attach several domains to sub-folders. Very useful and can save you a lot of money.

I am more than a year on it and recommend it to anyone who asks me about good hosting. Good work, keep it up!"
- Alex Saveliev,

"Thank you for your excellent customer support. Your answer came almost immediately and I must admit that I am very impressed."
- Aris Fil

"Very happy with your focus on good communication and service."
- Arthur Saltzman,

"I am satisfied with your services."
- Markus Jonsson

If you are a current customer of Dewahost and have something good to say about our service, please kindly let us know - Thanks!