About Dewahost

Dewahost is a privately owned and debt free company, offering business class web hosting service since August 2001. We have not received any venture capital funding, therefore we have no concerns over trying to impress them with creative accounting measures. Financially speaking, we have a very positive cash flow and have a steady growing profit. Our customers are the reason why we are in business, and it is our customers whom we have to impress with our consistent level of service and support.

We are not a reseller. We own and operate our own servers. All technical support contact is made directly to our technicians. Servers are monitored 24/7/365 from multiple remote locations to make sure all client sites are always up and running fast. We do not use a "mass-hosting" scheme that other hosts use to cram as many users per server as possible.

When your requirements demand superior uptime, security and reliability, you can count on Dewahost to deliver.

Dewa |?da-v?| noun: ORIGIN early 19th century: Sanskrit, literally 'shining one,' later 'god'.

An inhabitant of the heavenly realms, which is characterized by long life, joyous surroundings and blissful states of mind.